About Us

GWS Trading and Contracting Pvt Ltd. is an international commodity trading house with its headquarters in New Mumbai. We trade in a diversified portfolio of products broadly classified into Biodiesel, Ethanol, Petroleum Products and Fertilizers. With our international clientele spread across markets in North America, South America, Europe, Asia & Arabian Gulf, we are able to closely monitor the quality, availability and trends in the commodities trade, which allows us to offer new alternatives and viable solutions to customers around the world.

With a team of experienced professionals who have a strong knowledge of our products, GWS Trading and Contracting is able to propose flexible and tailor-made solutions to its clients and suppliers, thus ensuring the quality of the goods being offered. Our procurement team are empowered by the strong presence on the ground at procurement centers and are aided by a dedicated team specializing in providing the best quality products. Our team of experienced individuals communicates with the sellers and buyers; not only do they assist the sellers in expanding their market shares, but they also make use of economies of scale to grasp trading opportunities for buyers.

On the other hand, our marketing team is empowered by our presence at distribution centers and specializes in providing the best value to customers. Our target is to propose to our counterparts the solutions they require for their needs with secured transport arrangement for each deal. GWS Trading and Contracting, with representative presence in Dubai, USA, INDIA and Saudi Arabia, has developed a substantial network of dedicated partners over the past few years thus allowing us to accomplish our target of serving our clients and suppliers better. Our network covers lots of areas of the World and more specifically the European Union, North Africa, Latin America, the United States and Asia

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