GWS Trading and Contracting also specializes trading in Fertilizers and Fertilizer Raw Materials. GWS Trading and Contracting is acknowledged as a solid and reliable partner across various segments of the fertilizer Industry. Our competitive pricing and quality of products in major markets of fertilizer business, which are mainly the Asian markets, is commendable. Continually, our efforts remain to minimize the logistical issues and provide a smooth delivery of goods. GWS Trading and Contracting is managed by a dedicated team of dynamic and seasoned professionals. Urea fertilizer is available for any quantity from 12,500 mt (minimum) up to and beyond 1,000,000mt. A formal letter of intent on the buyer's letterhead, addressed to uswt.,ltd, signed and sealed by the buyer with full banking financially capable is required to obtain a contract. Commodity: agricultural urea 46% according to cost norm 2081-92 marked "b" superior quality. Origin: c.i.s., russia, europe or middle east at seller’s option Price: pricing depends on quantity of the order and payment instrument. Delivery: cif- fob - cfr aswp (seller approved). Loading after acceptance of buyer financial instrument.

Di ammonium phosphate, (nh4)2hpo4, is manufactured by the reaction of ammonia and phosphoric acid.Its nitrogen to phosphate ratio makes it an excellent direct application product or one that blends well with other fertilizer materials to produce a variety of npk fertilizers. Dap is typically 90% water-soluble (expressed as a percentage of available p2o5). The typical ph of the product is 7.5 when it is measured on saturated slurry of the product. In the soil, the initial stages of the product's breakdown releases ammonia (nh3) and causes a small zone around the dap particles in the soil to have a ph of about 8.0. After a short time and as thedap continues to breakdown, the product has a net effect of acidifying the soil. Di-ammonium phosphate, analysis 18-46-0, is the worlds mostwidely used ammo-phos fertilizer. Dap is easily adapted to all ranges of dry fertilizer application methods. Dap is a perfect choice, as a base product for custom blends. The high analysis of 18-46-0, also aids in reducing handling, freight, and application costs.

Packing standard: packed in new pp outer and pe inner liners bags of 50kg net each, sea worthy, with 20 bags per single pallet bulk cargo.

Material: the fabric shall be woven to a construction tight enough to prevent excessive contents shifting in the event of bag liner failure.

Our terms of payment would be 100% transferable irrevocable fully funded letter of credit at sight from a prime world bank. Revolving lc for partial shipments of above 12500mt.

Third party inspection will be carried out at port of loading by s.g.s. any incurred cost will be paid by supplier.

Mandatory delivery term will be from 45-60 days from acceptance of the letter of credit. However we can deliver earlier based on destination and mode of payment.

45% NPK (15-15-15)
Packing: In knitted plastic bags with 50kg net each; or packed according to consignees' requests.

NPK Fertilizer
Fertilizer the grains are of a consistent size distribution and mass, and therefore spread evenly, giving all parts of the crop the correct amounts of nutrients.

examples of widely-used fertilizer grades are:
• 15-15-15
• 20-10-10
• 13-13-21
• 12-12-17-2(MgO)
• 26-14-00
• 20-20-00
• DAP (18-46)
• MAP (11 -52)
• PK 25-25
Table gives more information on nutrient content in our NP/NPK
NPK products represent the very best efforts in dry fertilizers. NPK granule features a uniform analysis to ensure a consistent nutrient delivery to agricultures crops. provides an efficient solution to blend segregation, leaching or burning problems that may be associated with rough blend substitutes

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