Milk powder

Instant Full cream milk powder instant 28% milk fat vitaminised We export over 20,000 m/t of full cream powder per year, dairy packing plant of baby milk powder (bmp) and (fcmp) instant full cream milk powder was constructed with state of art equipment with help of abbot laboratories (usa) operating in south america europe and middle east.

The dairy packing plant was designed with a capacity to process 4000 metric tons of full cream powder milk per month. dairy packing plant, based on results of careful researches, including analysis of climatic and agricultural conditions, source of raw materials, as a base of milk cattle breeding development in the region. .

* Acidity :0.17% as lactic acid (max) * Fat : 27-28%
* Lactose : 35-37%
* Lecithin : 5gm/kgm (max)
* Moisture : 2-4%
* Minerals : 5.7-7%
* Protein : 25-27%

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