The electromagnetic fields generated by cell phones and other electronic wireless devices appear as regular bursts of microwave radiation (EM Radiation).
Cells in your body respond negatively to such regular fields, become stressed leading to a variety of ailments ranging from migraines, to cancer and infertility issues.


Let’s be honest, we’re addicted to our smartphones. According to an ABC news report, the average person checks their phone 150 times per day, not to mention the other 15 hours per day it sits in your pocket. It’s also nothing new that cell phones emit Electromagnetic Fields/Radiation (EMF/EMR) when it’s glued to the side of our head more than 22 times per day.

This is why most major cell phone manufacturers include a warning--buried deep inside that manual you never read--to keep a certain distance between your body and your phone. Crazy right? The Today Show, and many others, have already warned their viewers/readers of the potential risks of cancer, not excluding stress, depressions, memory loss, & autoimmune diseases

RADBLOK Anti Radiation Chip features:

Prevents cell phone over heating

Gives stronger signal booster

Gives Longer Battery Life

What Is The Importance Of Radblok In Protecting Your Children?

Even if you are working in a beauty salon or a life-giving hospital, or you are a distributor of a renowned cell phone company, I am sure you would like to take care of your family members and your customers family members as well - Especially If you find that the product you are using or distributing can be highly harmful to the users. Yes, all the modern electronic gadgets, associated with Wi-Fi can be very dangerous for your family members! HOW? Almost all your modern electronic devices emit EMR (Electro-Magnetic Radiations). These radiations are emitted from various household devices which are made up of Radio Frequencies (RF, Wi-Fi, etc.) and Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF), which are highly harmful to any living being. This EMR is directly emitted from the regular items like laptops, tablets and cell phones, which is surely a cause for concern. We have created one unique product which will not cause any harm to the cell phone users! We have manufactured Radblok! * Our integrated CE certified unique product called as Radblok, which absorbs almost 99% of various types of radiations - RF (radio frequency), extremely low frequency and Thermal Frequencies - emitted by your mobile phone. This plays an important role in reducing the exposure of these rations affecting any human being!

Why use RadBlok anti-radiation chip on your Mobile?

  • Signal Strength
    When there is a low signal then your mobile phone will be compelled to use more battery power, which heats up your device, which is a harmful stage.

  • Using your phone for a longer time
    Sometimes you tend to use your phone for longer time. And this happens when you are watching movies or other videos.

  • In both the cases, there is a high amount of radiation that is emitted from your phone, which causes harm to your brain and body! And if you use Radblok, then the risk reduces considerably, thus giving you better health! There is a severe electromagnetic field that is produced by any mobile phone which can cause cancer to the human beings. This one of the major reasons, why mobile phones are not allowed in the airplanes and hospital! Their RF (Radio Frequency) signals interfere the entire navigation systems and electronic medical devices. But this effect does not stop here but also affect the human beings brain activity, sleep mechanism, and cognitive functions! It also affects the blood pressure and heart beating rate! The unborn babies or children face a very high risk of bodily damage due to these harmful radiations! No, we are not asking you to ban your mobile phone! But yes we will ask you to gift Radblok to your near and dear ones. Even you should use Radblok wherein you will take care of your family members. If you are interested in Radblok – The Ultimate Radiation Blocker - kindly contact us on We will be happy to assist you and also in the process of accepting Wholesale/Retail business inquiries!

    Installing RadBlok is as easy as 1-2-3

    Pull the tab to remove the protective backing

    Place chip on mobile

    Press hard and hold for a few seconds

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