We deal into various commodities of scrap like Ferrous Scrap (HMS 1&2, Shredded Scrap Grade 211), Stainless Steel (SS304, SS316) , Aluminium Scrap (Tense, Taint/Tabor, Twitch, Talk, Talon, 6063 Extrusions, UBC, Shredded TT, Telic, Wheels, Aircraft Scrap) , Copper (Millberry, Berry, Birch/Cliff, Candy), Brass (Honey, Ocean, Turnings, Pales/Pallu), Zinc ( Zinc Die Cast, Score, Scabs).

We also cater to various Aluminium Alloy manufacturers for various grades of Silicon ( 553 / 441 / 3303 / 2202 / 1101 ) and Aluminium Alloys like ADC12, LM4, LM6, ALSi132, LM24 to Aluminium Pressure Die Casting & Gravity Die Casting Units in the Automobile Sector.

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